JVA Perimeter Patrol™ Monitoring Software

JVA Perimeter Patrol Monitoring Software

Perimeter Patrol™ adds PC connectivity, communications and control to your security electric fence, giving you the peace of mind that comes from being able to check that your fence is working wherever you are.

Perimeter Patrol™ runs on a standard Microsoft Windows PC connected to JVA Security Electric Fence Energizers via PAE223 (USB), PAE100 (RS485) or PAE212 (TCP/IP Ethernet) adaptors.

JVA Perimeter Patrol™ can be used to quickly view the status and voltages of electric fences and devices; alert and email the user when the fences, gates or other devices need attention; arm and disarm electric fences according to a custom schedule and remotely access electric fence systems. Icons representing the energized zones are positioned over an image of the site map. Status and voltage information from the various zones throughout the site are updated in real time from a remote or central location. The PC speaker or external Input/Output Interface Board can be used to generate an audible alarm.

JVA Perimeter Patrol Monitoring Software

View & Control Energiser Zones
View & Control Zone Monitors
Support Multiple Sectors Per Zone
Map-Oriented Zone Mimic Screen
Automatically Control on Schedule
Alarm Display and Sound
Email on Alarm
Serial Communication Mode
Ethernet (TCP/IP) Communication Mode
User Authentication
Full Screen Mode Preventing Access to Other Applications
Event Logging with Viewer and Automatic Archival
Administrator’s Full System Controller