JVA Technologies & Wire Weaving Industries

Wire Weaving Industries (Ghana) Limited is a pioneer manufacturing company established in 1965 in response to the growing need of Ghanaian consumers especially Farmers, Fishermen and Building Contractors for high quality agro-industrial products. Its first products were seen on the Ghanaian market in September 1969.

Wire Weaving Industries has acquired solid experience in the manufacturing of the following wire products; Hexagonal Wire Netting, Barbed Wire, Eanded Metal, Ultimate Welded Mesh, Boundary Master Chain link Fencing, Ninja Razor Wire, BRC Mesh, Ultimate Panel Mesh, Dadewa Nails and Mine Mesh. In our endeavour to provide our customers with a one stop fencing solution shop we have aquired distribution rights for some leading internasional security solutions such as JVA electric Fence systems and Centurion Automation.

JVA Technologies (Australia), in partnership with Ndlovu Fencing (South Africa), draws on over 40 years’ experience in some of the world’s most testing international and local security markets, in producing a product range that satisfies the needs of the world security electric fencing markets ranging from simple domestic requirements, to high security installations. JVA is proud to have Wire Weaving Industries as their exclusive distributor of JVA Products in Ghana